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20 quotes on not worrying about people’s opinions of you

To be happy and truly blossom into the best possible versions of ourselves, we need to stop letting people's opinions or criticisms weigh us down. Last time out, I wrote...
worrying people's opinion

6 wise tips to stop worrying about people’s opinion of you

Paying some attention to other's opinion of us can help refine our character. However, worrying too much about these opinions to the extent that we start to lose our...
How Twitter voice tweet works

Twitter launches 140-second voice tweet; how it works

Twitter is launching a new functionality that allows you to record your voice and tweet (as you would a text). According to the tech giant, the new feature, which is...
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20 powerful quotes to liberate you from perfectionism

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6 Common Traits of Unhappy People

Situations and circumstances can make us unhappy, without a doubt. However, oftentimes, our unhappiness derives from our thoughts, perceptions, and behaviors. I would like to share 5 of the most...
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15 powerful quotes that will inspire you to keep learning

One very beneficial thing we don't need anyone's permission to do is learning. Similarly, no one can take whatever knowledge we garner from us. Learning helps us grow, adds a...