Self-love habits

7 Vital Self-Love Habits to Cultivate for Maximal Living

I wrote previously about a lack of self-love being one of the reasons why we're vulnerable to toxic people. Behavioral Change experts, Thrive Global, also list self-love as a...
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30 Surefire Quotes to Boost and Maintain Your Self-Esteem

Whether one suffers from a chronic lack of self-esteem or our confidence has just taken a hit because of recent embarrassing events, we can all do with shots of...
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8 easy ways to boost and maintain healthy self-esteem

Our Self-esteem, to a large extent, influences our happiness and success: In this post, I will share some ways you can boost and maintain a healthy self-esteem. But first, let's...
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17 top Twitter accounts to follow to learn French (2021)

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20 quotes on not worrying about people’s opinions of you

To be happy and truly blossom into the best possible versions of ourselves, we need to stop letting people's opinions or criticisms weigh us down. Last time out, I wrote...
worrying people's opinion

6 wise tips to stop worrying about people’s opinion of you

Paying some attention to other's opinion of us can help refine our character. However, worrying too much about these opinions to the extent that we start to lose our...