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Motivational Instagram Accounts for daily growth

Instagram can be a constant source of inspiration or frustration, depending on how you use it. However, If you are one who subscribes to the popular wise counsel that, the only competition that is worth it is trying to be a better version of yourself everyday, then, you will like this super list of best motivational Instagram accounts for daily growth.

Top Motivational Instagram Accounts to Follow for Daily Growth

1. @johncmaxwell


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A post shared by John C. Maxwell (@johncmaxwell)

This is the Instagram account of John C. Maxwell – serial bestselling author of titles such as “Failing Forward”.

If you follow this account, you can expect to see regular insights on Personal Growth, Leadership, and everyday wisdom; which will make you an all-round better person.

One of the best features of Maxwell’s Instagram account is the “Thought for Today” posts (Seen Above).

2. @marcandangel


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A post shared by Marc & Angel Chernoff (@marcandangel)

This is the Instagram of the hugely successful Marc and Angel website.

This IG account focuses on practical living topics such as love, happiness, and healthy relationships. It is run by NY Times bestselling couple Marc and Angel Chernoff.

3. @goal.cast

Goalcast shares inspirational videos of people, sometimes famous, that will teach you wisdom or inspire you to be a better version of yourself.

The above video is a life story of Will Smith, how he broke free from his childhood traumas to become the famous actor he is today. It also shares some nice inspirational quotes.

4. @Jayshetty


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A post shared by Jay Shetty (@jayshetty)

Purpose coach and award-winning author Jay Shetty’s Instagram account is inspirational as it is entertaining. No list of motivational Instagram accounts for daily growth will be complete without it.

From incredible stories of everyday people who achieved unusual feats or conquest to personally-conducted interviews with celebs such as J Lo and Kobe Bryant, this account will have you hooked.

5. @addicted2success

This is the Instagram page of another very successful Success & Personal Growth website Addicted2Success.

On this account, you will find success and motivation videos, interviews, and quotes.

6. @thebriantracy

Like John Maxwell, the legendary Brian Tracy needs no introduction as far as Personal Development and Success are concerned.

The Instagram account of the serial bestselling author has posts on everything Personal Development, from Time Management and Productivity to Effective Communication.

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7. @6amsuccess

If short motivational quotes, one-liners, and pictures are what get your motivational juices flowing, then, you’d love 6am Success, because that’s simply what this account does – paste inspiration quotes on aspirational pictures.

8. @jimkwik


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A post shared by Jim Kwik (@jimkwik)

Another New York Times Bestseller on this list of best motivational Instagram accounts for daily growth – Jim Kwik, with an outstanding Instagram followership of 1.3M, regularly posts useful content on developing your brain and broadening your mind.

Daily exposure to this account will make you a lot smarter after six months.

9. @successmagazine


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A post shared by SUCCESS Magazine (@successmagazine)

The Instagram of the world-famous Success Magazine is full of success, motivation, and self-improvement quotes, infographics, and videos to help you grow daily.

10. @tinybuddhaofficial



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A post shared by Tiny Buddha (@tinybuddhaofficial)

Tiny Buddha is a very successful and hugely popular website which focuses on personal growth, wisdom, meditation, and mindfulness. Its Instagram delivers its teachings mainly through quotes.

The very deep quote (above) on parenting and daily wisdom is typical of Tiny Buddha Instagram.

11. @robinsharma


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A post shared by Robin Sharma (@robinsharma)

This is the Instagram of bestselling author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferraria very unique book that talks about trying (not) to build happiness on material things.

This account will help anyone on their personal development journey, at whatever stage they are, as it has so many useful contents on peak performance, self improvement, productivity, leadership, and happiness.

12. @before5am


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A post shared by Before 5am (@before5am)

As the name of this account goes, its aim is to provide content that will make you become the very best version of yourself, one day at a time.

Accountability is one of the main ingredients of personal development, and Before 5am provides loads of it.

13. @myselflovesupply

2.7m followers-strong My Self-Love  is all about Self-love, Self-care routines, and Healthy-living inspiration.

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