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Twitter accounts learn french

Regular and natural exposure to any language is the best way to learn and improve it, and just as I earlier curated a list of some of the best Instagram accounts to learn French, today, I’m presenting a list of 17 top Twitter accounts to learn French.

Learn French following these Twitter accounts

Top Twitter Accounts to Learn French

1. French Pod 101 @FrenchPod101

With 11k plus followers, at the time of writing this (Feb. 2021), and a range of fully functional learning channels – which includes Youtube, a podcast, and an app – Frenchpod101 is one of the very best Twitter accounts to learn French.

The account makes its teaching experience as immersive as possible by offering real conversational French posts.

2. French Words @frenchwords

With French Words, you will learn new French words, expressions, quotes and, as seen above, poems.

The best part, they are all translated into English.

3. Lawless French @lawlessfrench

If you’re interested in French grammar, construction, and pronunciation, then, you’ll like Lawless French.

It also offers listening and reading comprehensions and everything the best French-learning books offer.

4. French Quiz @FrenchQuiz

Just as the name suggests, this account helps you learn French through quizzes, complete with equally useful English translations.

5. Films in French @FilmsinFrench

Films in French helps you learn French with screenshots from movies. The screenshots have French texts, while the English translations are typed on the accompanying Twitter caption.

6. FluentU French @FluentUFrench 

Like the above example, FluentU is more about posting links to their very rich and comprehensive blog posts.

Therefore, if you really have the desire and time to learn French in-depth, with useful articles, real-life videos, and vocabulary quizzes, you should check it out.

7. Daily French @DailyFrench_

If you are looking for a French twitter account where you can learn in bits, but very regularly, Daily French is your best bet.

The French-teaching account promises to tweet a new French word every hour, and it does live up to that promise.

As you see above, it publishes a new (anchor) word, then it adds three other related words that are likely to be used in the same scenario. It also adds the right pronoun for each.

8. @FrenchToday

This is the Twitter of what is a very robust website. It has free audiobooks, French placement tests, one-on-one French Skype lessons, and an app.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning French, 5th Edition

9. @ApprendreTV5

Created by the world-famous TV5, this twitter account has something for every French learner; whether you’re at the beginner, intermediate, or competent level.

10. @Les_Machin

Learning how to use phrases is a major part of being fluent in any language – Les Machin focuses on providing a lot of useful French words and phrases and how to use them properly.

11. French Verbs @VerbsFrench

As the name goes, French Verbs is where you can learn French verbs and how to use them in their various forms.

12. Naked French @nakedfrench_

Naked French is a very useful French-learning Twitter account because, well… you get inspired with motivational quotes while also learning.

It’s an account you will do well to visit everyday for your double dose of learning and motivation.

13. Learn Quick French @quickfrench

This Twitter French account is a very interesting one. This is because of its approach to teaching, which involves quote-retweeting many other Twitter French-Learning accounts.

As you see above, it teaches French words and phrases by building on existing posts from other pages. Therefore, every post is like a two-in-one learning – it’s own tweet and the retweeted one.

It’s major advantage is that, once you discover this account, you will easily find many other Twitter accounts to learn French.

14. Master Your French @myourfrench

French is notoriously difficult to pronounce and hear, as lots of alphabets are silent; therefore, words are also pronounced together. As a result, it’s possible for you to be able to read French well, and speak it to some extent, while still struggling to hear and pronounce certain words correctly – at least, that’s been my own experience.

If you can relate with that and want to improve your listening and pronunciation, Master Your French promises to help you do just that.

15. Master Your French @frenchwthmarion

One of the most common posts you’d find on their Twitter account is like the one above – they’ll post a sentence with some errors and ask you to find and correct the error.

French with Marion has a very good Instagram version, too.

16. Marie – Just French It @JustFrenchIt

If you love to learn by viewing videos, you’d love this French Twitter account. What it does essentially is post video lessons from Youtube, and they contain some really useful information, like:

  • Funny French movies for intermediates
  • French series on Netflix for French learners (seen above)

17. @VerbeDuJour

Verbe du jour translates to verb of the day. In their words:

Grammar is the backbone of a language and verbs are central to grammar…


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