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Regular and natural exposure to any language is the best way to learn and improve it, and just as I earlier curated a list of some of the best Instagram accounts to learn French, today, I’m presenting a list of 15 top Twitter accounts to learn French.

Learn French following these Twitter accounts

1. French Words @frenchwords

With French Words, you will learn new French words, expressions, quotes and, as seen above, poems.

The best part, they are all translated into English.

2. Lawless French @lawlessfrench

If you’re interested in French grammar, construction, and pronunciation, then, you’ll like Lawless French.

It also offers listening and reading comprehensions and everything the best French-learning books offer.

3. French Quiz @FrenchQuiz

Just as the name suggests, this account helps you learn French through quizzes, complete with equally useful English translations.

4. Films in French @French_pics

Films in French helps you learn French with screenshots from movies. The screenshots have French texts, while the English translations are typed on the accompanying Twitter caption.

5. FluentU French @FluentUFrench 

Like the above example, FluentU is more about posting links to their very rich and comprehensive blog posts.

Therefore, if you really have the desire and time to learn French in-depth, with useful articles, real-life videos, and vocabulary quizzes, you should check it out.

6. @VerbeDuJour

Verbe du jour translates to verb of the day. In their words:

Grammar is the backbone of a language and verbs are central to grammar…

7. @FrenchToday

This is the Twitter of what is a very robust website. It has free audiobooks, French placement tests, one-on-one French Skype lessons, and an app.

8. @ApprendreTV5

Created by the world-famous TV5, this twitter account has something for every French learner; whether you’re at the beginner, intermediate, or competent level.

9. @Les_Machin

Learning how to use phrases is a major part of being fluent in any language – Les Machin focuses on providing a lot of useful French words and phrases and how to use them properly.

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