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The web has many useful resources to learn valuable skills for free...

If you have the time and patience to do some research, you will find loads of useful sites where you can learn new skills or improve on skills you already have. However, I have decided to save you that hassle by curating some of the most useful sites I have used over the years.

10 useful sites to learn valuable skills

Uesful sites to learn skills online

1. Khan Academy

Designed for children, teachers, parents, and random learners alike, this site has a huge library of educational resources ranging from Math, to Arts & humanities, Computing, and Science & engineering. The best part: it’s a nonprofit site; so, all materials are free.

It also has iOS and Android apps.

2. eHow

This site has evolved over the years but it hasn’t lost any of its usefulness. You can find hacks or DIYs on literally anything on eHow – whether you are looking for recipes, how to remove tough stains on various materials, or how to make hand sanitizers.

3. wikiHow

A list of useful sites to learn new skills won’t be complete without the world-famous wikiHow. I have lost count of the number of times Google has led me to this site when looking for solutions to everyday problems at home.

Nothing is too simple or obvious to find on the site. It’s also very current, to the extent that, for example, you will find numerous articles on the coping with and keeping safe from the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic i.e Vacation at Home During Corona Virus, How to Talk to Kids about Corona Virus.

4. WPBeginner

Blogging (professionally) is one of the most valuable skills anyone can learn. It provides an avenue for self-expression, adding value to people, and making money (Did I hear you say you don’t love making money?).

If you are looking to achieve any, or all, of the three things I mentioned, the WordPress is your ideal platform – and WPBeginner would teach you everything from writing good articles, to designing a user-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing blog, and monetizing your the blog.

5. Digital Photography School

Photography, for fun or as a professional, is a very rewarding skill. At Digital Photography School, you will learn how to choose your first camera, compose and take stunning pictures, and maintain your camera and its accessories.

6. HowStuffWorks

This is not a site to learn DIY, even if you might come across the odd DIY article; rather, it’s a general knowledge site – a sort of encyclopedia that will greatly increase your knowledge of the world you live in, and the things, people, and animals in it.

If you’re the curious type, who always wonders how a plane stays in the sky or why dogs sniff around before peeing, this site will answer all your questions (Actually, not all; but you get what I mean).

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

7. Investopedia

In their own words, they are fiercely dedicated to financial education and empowerment.

If you want to learn everything about economics and finance, from the DOW Jones Industrial Average, and Net Present Value (NPV) to Ordinary Shares, this is the site for you.

You can subscribe to their Dictionary email list, like I did, to receive a daily definition of financial terms in your email.

8. Code Academy

According to Code Academy itself, “coding is the basic act of writing – in a programming language – a script that a computer can understand”.

I will try to describe it in my layman understanding as the way apps, websites and related technology are wired to perform the functions they are designed for. Codes are to apps and websites what blocks are to buildings.

In a world that is increasingly technology-driven, learning to code is invaluable, and you can do exactly that at Code Academy.

9. All Recipes

This site is a comprehensive resource on cooking tips, recipes, and formulas. You can learn to cook or bake, or simply broaden and improve your cooking skills on All Recipes.

10. Lifehacker

This is another very popular website on HOW-TOs and tips on everyday activities and problems.

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  1. The only one that I’ve heard of is All Recipes and I find it really helpful if I’m cooking something that I’ve never tried before. I’ll have to check out some of these other ones you’ve mentioned!

  2. I feel like the is article was something I needed but didn’t know I needed until I read it. I haven’t heard of most these websites yet there are so useful. Thank you for sharing.

  3. These are some great sites! I have used most of them but my favorite is Khan Academy especially the kids version…it’s an extremely helpful resource for kids.

  4. This is an excellent list of educational sites for everything from cooking to coding! Great way to take advantage of the time we have these days.

  5. I like Investopia, and learned so much about many business-related terms. Lifehacker is also another cool source of information.

  6. I have never known about Khan Academy and it’s at the top of the list. I would definitely check this website, it may have loads of useful stuff for my children. Thanks.

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